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Effective Strategies for Online Texas Hold'em Poker

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1. As explained before it's all about patience, positioning and power or attitude at the table. Do not make the mistake of playing every hand, you should fold at least 80%.

2. When You Are In An Early Position: always raise with AA or KK or AKs (s means of the same suit).

However if you have AK, AQs, KQs, QQ, JJ, or TT you should simply call. All other combinations should be folded.

3. When You Are In A Middle Position: again raise with AA or KK or AKs. Do however call with 99, 88, AJs, ATs, QJs, AQ or KQ plus the ones in early position.

4. When You Are In A LATE Position: once again raise with AA or KK or AKs. You must call with AXs, KTs, QTs, JTs, AJ, AT and all small pairs plus the ones in early and middle positions.

However remember if there's been a raise before your turn to play you should fold with these: AXs, KTs, QTs, JTs, AJ, AT and all small pairs.

5. It is not wise to save your blinds by calling all raises with weak hands. Also no need to feel you must call when you are small blind, save that small blind for the next time you are in that poistion.

6. Your 1st decision was whether to play a hand or not, the next one is if to play after seeing the flop.

Here is where you must make the most important decision, to continue or not to continue, at this point 71% of your hand is completed.

7. Bet after seeing the turn card if you are first and if you think you have the best hand on the table at that point other wise fold.

Especially fold if you just have 2 cards greater than what's on the table and they are unsuited and no possibility of getting a straight or flush.

8. If you make it to the river card it's because you have made your winning hand already or looking to make a draw for the winning hand and not just a hand.

Big difference there! You bet if you have it or made it and fold if you don't. Pretty simple strategy here.9. You must learn to be able to read the table and determine what the best possible hand is at any given moment in time and in particular after the flop.

If for instance there is a pair showing then 4 of a kind or a house is possible, similarly if there are 3 cards to a straight or a flush then it's possible a player could have the other 2 cards in the hole and you have to beware of bets in situations like these.

1o. Beware The Loose Ends Strategy which afflicts newer and weak players. One must remember poker is a game of skill not luck, a strong player holding a weak hand can beat a weak player holding a very strong hand.

This is because of the perseption of a strong hand held by weak players. A weak player holding QQ will never fold if the flop shows AKT or AJT but a strong player will.

Weak players tend to think a strong starting hand can take them all the way and will never fold at any point and that is what gets them in trouble and why they cannot lift their game.

Weak players hold onto cards much longer than is necessary. You see a starting hand is just that to start with, there is no guarantee a great starting hand will automatically allow you win, you could easily lose from just the flop. Be careful of falling into this spiral regarding the starting hand and playing loosely because it looks good.

11. Observe, observe observe! Look at how your opponents play even when you are not playing. Make notes of particular players.Most online poker rooms have this feature so when you meet them again at a later date you can check your notes for important points on their style of play. See who likes to play with an ace and a low unsuited card etc.

12. Never, Never show your cards unless you must. Sometime really good players do show in order to build a table reputation but this requires experience and skill.

13. Know how to play Big Pairs, this type of hand does not like competition so the fewer players in the game the better the chances of winning with a big pair. Strategy is therefore play to reduce the competition.

14. When playing for a draw to make your hand its better when there are more players in the game. Types of draws are flush draws, inside straights and open ended straights.

15. You need to understand when you have a milking hand and how to milk it. A milking hand is when you have the nuts ( the best possible hand ) early in the game.You don't want to bet too heavy and scare everyone away and so you want to play possum and draw them in slowly until the heavy betting rounds start and then you can drive bet.

16. Choose the game with a betting structure that suits you. There are high linits, low limits and no limits game. It all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to risk. Your personality has a lot to do with the decision as well. If you need to learn patience then start with the low limit games.

17. In a fixed limit game also called a structured limit game the amounts a player can bet in the different rounds are preset. For instance in a $6/$12 game you can bet $6 at the flop and $12 at the turn and river cards.

Also a player is only allowed four bets per round so any single round of betting a player can raise or be reraised a total of 4 times.

18. In a spread limit games like $2-$4 a player can bet anywhere between $2 and $4 in any given round.If you see $2-$4-$6-$8 this means a player can bet between $2 and $4 preflop and flop and between $2 and $6 on the turn and between $2 and $8 at the river.

19. In a pot limit game players are allowed to place bets in any round between the value of the big blind and the level of the pot at the time of betting.

20. In a no limit game which accounts for the majority of tournaments and ring games play players are allowed to place bets in any round between the value of the big blind and how much money he has in front of him on the table.

So basically a player can go allin from the preflop betting round.

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