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Get Familiar With the Roulette System

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Here is the Roulette System Unlocked:

- Action Player: big bettor or idiotic player, take your pick.

- Adrenotrend System - See Hot and Cold System.

- American Wheel: Roulette wheel with 38 numbers, 1 to 36 and 0 and 00.

- Backtrack: the track or rim on which the white ball spins.

- Ball-Track - also known as backtrack.

- Bankroll: amount of monies a player has to play with.

- Biased Wheel: is a roulette wheel where a specific number or numbers is called more often than others within a certain number of spins. Such a wheel has an imperfection thus it is referred to as biased.

- Black Action: betting with the black chips.

- Black Bet - betting that the next spin will be a black number

- Blacks - $100 chips

- Bottom Track: inner section of roulette wheel where after leaving the ball track the ball slides downwards into the pocket.

- Cage: the casino cashiers room.

- Capping a Bet: placing more chips on top of a bet after you win, Illegally of course!

- Casino Advantage: the house edge

- Casino Host: person responsible for taking care of the big players.

- Casino Manager: person with responsibility for the smooth operation of the roulette game.

- Chasing Losses: refers to the strategy of increasing bets trying to recoup losses.

- Check Rack - chip tray.

More ROULETTE Glossary

- Checks: also called chips, used mostly by staff of the casino.

- Choppy Game: a game where it's difficult to pick up any play patterns or streaks.

- Cold Table: a table in which players have been constantly losing.

- Column Bet: betting on one of the 12 number columns.

- Combination Bet: betting on 2 or more numbers using 1 or more chips.

- Comp: free stuff from the casino when you qualify for it via your play.

- Corner Bet: betting on the 4 numbers in any of the several corner positions in the layout.

- Credit Line: the amount of credit extended to a player.

- Credit Manager: person with responsibility for approving credit to a player

- Crew: People in charge of the roulette game.

- Crossroader: cheater

- Croupier: The French term for dealer.

- Dead Table: no players present, only staff.

- Dealer: the person running the games.

- Double-Up System of Betting: where you double your bets after each losing bet hoping to recover your losses.

- Double-Zero Wheel: The American wheel.

- Douzaine: the dozen bet as it called in France.

- Dozen Bet: betting on any of the twelve numner sequences on the table.

- Drop: the sum total of all the monies and markers that was wagered during any given session.

- Drop Box: this is where the monies go when a player buys into a game.

- Dumping: a table in which the players are winning.

- Edge: the % advantage the casino has.

More ROULETTE Glossary

- European Wheel: Or French wheel. Has 36 numbers and a 0, no 00.

- Even Bet: betting on the even numbers for the next spin.

- Even Money: bets that pay out 1:1 such as beting on black or Red or Odds or Evens or Low or High bets.

- Even Up: no such bets on the roulette table. These are bets where no one has an advantage over the other.

- Eye in the Sky: video cameras taping all that's taking place on the roulette tables.

- Fair Game: Roulette is not a fair game. A fair game is a game where the house nor the player has an edge over the other.

- Flat Bettor: a person betting the same exact value amount each bet.

- Floorman: person with responsibility for the supervision of the several roulette tables.

- French Wheel: Also called the European Wheel.

- Front Money: Money which has been deposited previously into the cage and is now being used by players drawing markers against.

- Gaffed Wheel: A rigged wheel.

- Gambling Stake: also called Bankroll.

- George: An excellent tipper.

- Grand Martingale: a simple version of the Martingale system where you bet an extra unit in addition to doubling your bet after experiencing a loss.

- Greens: $25 Chips.

- Grifter: A scammer

- Grind: player who plays small money.

- Grind Down: the process by which the house slowly but surely wins all a players monies as a result of its edge .

- Grind Joint: casino catering tables for the smaller players.

- Heat: this happens when a player is winning to often or too much, he is intensely observed to see if he is cheating.

- High Bet: betting that a high number (19 to 36) will win.

- High Roller: player betting big.

- Hot Table - a table where all players are winning constantly

- House Edge: the % advantage the house has on players.

- Hustler: one who cheats.

- Inside Bet: betting in the middle of the roulette table layout on the numbered area.

- Layout: the roulette table felt upon which the bet areas are imprinted.

- Layout Strategies: betting several diferent types of bets in the hope of beating the house edge.

- Line Bet: betting 1 of 6 numbers will be the winning number.

- Low Bet: betting 1 of the lower numbers (1 to 18) will be the winning number on the very next spin.

- Low Roller: a small bettor.

- Mark: a player whom has been identified to be hustled or cheated.

- Martingale Betting System: using a strategy of doubling all bets after a loss.

- Match Play: promotion whereby players receive specially created chips which they can use to bet with.

- Money at Risk: money placed on a wager and may be lost.

- Money Plays: a call to alert the crew that cold cash is being used to place bets and not playing chips.

- Mucker: person employing a cheat technique using sleight-of-hand.

- Nickel: red $5 chip

- No Action: when the dealer makes a call that they will not be accepting a specific bet.

- Noir: French word meaning Black

- Odd Bet: betting 1 of the odd numbers will be the winner on the next spin of the wheel.

- Odds: probability of an event occuring.

- On the Square: an honest game.

- Outside Bets: bets found on the outer area of the table like the 2:1 or even money bets.

- Paddle: object for pushing the cash into the dropbox.

- Past Posting: betting on a winner after decision made.

- Patience System: a slow method of play where player only plays after a specific number of events have happened.

- Penny Ante: small stakes game.

- Pinching: moving chips illegally from a wager after the decision.

- Pit: location of gaming tables.

- Power of the Pen: The facility to award hotel freebies to the players

- Premium Players: big players, VIPs or players having huge credit limits.

- Press: increasing the bet amount by doubling after a winning spin.

- Push: to tie.

- Quarter Bet: betting 1 of 4 numbers will be the winning number the next spin.

- Quarters: $25 Chips

- Rating: monitoring player's betting in order to award comps.

- Red Bet: A 1:1 bet the next number spun will be a red number.

- Reds: $5 chips

- Rouge: French word meaning Red.

- Ruin: bankroll lost.

- Scam: to defraud others

- Section (Sector) Shooter: A dealer attempting to hit specific numbers or areas of the wheel.

- Section Shooting: The placing of the ball in a specific area on the wheel.

- Section Slicing: the act of having the wheel divided into sections to discover any biases. This is based on the specific numbers which have been winning.

- Session: Any period of play at a game.

- Session Stake: The value of money put aside per session.

- Shift Boss: person with responsibility for the casino during any given work shift.

- Shill: casino staff whose sole duty is to play games which are not being patronised enough.

- Single-Zero Wheel: the European Wheel.

- Six Number Bet: A Line Bet.

- Split Bet: one bet that 1 of 2 numbers will win on the next turn.

- Spread: difference between maximum and minimum bets made by a player.

- Squares: honest player or games.

- Stack: 20 chips.

- Straight Up Bet: one number bet on the inside.

- Surrender: situation where a player only loses 1/2 his bet when the 0 or 00 is the winning number.

- Table Hopping: jumping from one table to the next.

- Take Down: removing a bet before a decision is reached.

- Tapped Out: losing entire bankroll.

- Toke Hustler: dealer who attempts to get tips from players.

- Tough Out: term for a player who doesn't beat up on himself.

- True Odds: an events actual probability of occuring

- Underground Joint: an illegally run casino.

- Vic: Short word for victim.

- Visual Wheel Tracking: The uncanny ability to tell where the roulette ball will hit by looking.

- Wager: also called bet.

- Wheel: also called Roulette Wheel.

- Wheel Chips: Special roulette chips.

- Wheel Head: roulette wheel area containing the numbered pockets.

- Wheel Roller: the dealer or the croupier.

- Wheel Strategies: player strategies that attempt to take advantage of wheel imperfections to get the edge on the house.

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