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Progressive Slot Machines Tips and Tricks

 Progressive Slot Machines Tips & Strategies
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When you play the game, take into consideration the following slot machines tips and you will have a greater chance of winning:

1. Playing slot machines until you are our of money is the least advisable way to win at slots.

In fact, all you end up doing is playing more money than you planned to spend in the first place.

2. Slot machines are not all alike. Players need to learn how to read these machines, and that requires a little more than how flashy the lights are or how much you have a “good feeling” about one.

Sometimes that gut feeling works, but a lot of times it doesn’t. Head knowlegde is the way to go.

3. Here are some machines you should know about. Multiplier: this is one machine where you are never penalised for not playing the maximum mount of coins allowed.

You are paid based on the number of coins played multiplied by the payout for the specific winning symbol.

If are the type who likes playing 1 coin at a time then you have found your slot machine.

4. Bonus Multiplier: similar to the multiplier described above except here you gain a bonus payment for maximum coins play when you score the Jackpot.

However you do need to determine if it's worth it playing maximum coins.

For instance getting 3 7's might pay for one coin 1000, for 2 coins it might pay 2000 and for maximum coins 10000.

5. Multiple Payline: as the name implies you get paid for more than one line. Each coin represents 1 line. If however you get a winner on an unrepresented line you win zilch!

6. Buy-a-Pay: if you are not prepared to play maximum coins do not play this machine cuz if you hit a Jackpot betting just 1 coin you will win absolutely nothing. You see most players do not understand this machine at all.

A different payout is activated per coin so in order to win the biggest Jackpot you have to activate all the payouts by playing maximum coins.

7. Progressive Slots: Once again never play a progressive slot machine unless you are playing maximum coins.

A portion of each bet is added to a pool for the Jackpot thus effectively reducing the amounts available for smaller wins.

8. All the information you should know about slot machines are printed on the machine. Locate it and always take time to read the information and the machine before you play. This helps players assess if a particular machine is suited for their style of play.

9. It has been said that the key to winning in online slots is rhythm. Always try to maintain your rhythm, especially if it is working for you. If after some time, the rhythm is not yielding any profit, try another one and maintain it for a while to see what happens.

10. Always choose a machine denomination where you can comfortably afford to play the maximum coin.

11. Read and understand payoff shchedules for different machines. This helps players assess their chances of winning big, and it also helps them stay with a budget.

12. It's simply not true that slot machines represent the worst gamble anyone can make at a casino. It's pure myth. You get even more terrible odds playing bad bets at a Blackjack or Craps table. If the truth be told slots machine odds are more like those in Roulette.

13. Also another widely held belief but again a wrong one is that slot machines which just paid out big simply will not pay out again for quite some time.

In reality, the probabilities for each spin are the exact same and every single spin of a slot machine is totally independent and random of all previous spins.

So as you can see predicting the next spin is damn nigh impossible and you can hit a Jackpot immediately after one was hit as you can after five thousand spins.

14. In general you will discover $1 machines offer a higher payout ratio than 25 cents or 50 cents slots machines.

Also, the $5 slot machines have proven statistics wise to pay out as high as 98%. It's always the best option to play slot machines offering the highest payouts because even though you are betting more your potential winnings are that much higher.

15. Try not to be greedy. Learn to walk away from a slot machine with smaller winnings or when you have reached your spending limit.

16. Of course you should ascertain your playing mood whether it is betting larger amounts of money to win bigger jackpots or whether you prefer to get smaller wins but more frequently.

If you prefer smaller more frequent wins be sure to read the pay table of the slot machine. The more combinations for winning there are the greater the chances of getting more frequent but smaller wins.

17. Slot machines tend to reel players in and not let them out. Hence if you hit a jackpot, put to one side the majority of your winnings and continue playing but with only a tiny % of your wins thus far.

This will stop you from handing back most if not all of your winnings straight back to the casino.

18. Remember to play at online casinos that advertises the highest payback ratios. Those casinos that are hungry to do business with you are always willing to offer you much better and higher payouts.

19. And the most important slot machines tip of all is to simply have fun!

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