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A Short Craps System Walkthrough

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Here is an introduction into the craps system glossary of terms:

- Any Craps: 1 roll bet that in the next dice roll a 2 or a 3 or a 12 will come.

- Back Line: also known as the Don't Pass Line.

- Any Seven: 1 roll bet that a 7 will come in the next dice roll.

- Bar the 12: in order for the casinos to maintain its edge on the don't come & don't pass type bets, for the wrong bettors it causes the 12 to be a standoff.

- Betting right: is making a bet that the next dice roll will result in a win on come bets & pass line bets.

- Betting wrong: is making a bet that the next dice roll will not result in a win or a pass, by making don't come & don't pass bets.

- Big 6 & Big 8: making bets which pays out 1:1 that a 6 or an 8 will come before 7.

- Boxman: The person responsible for the smooth running of all the casino craps tables and who is usually seated between the 2 dealers.

- Buy bets: Paying a 5% override to the casinos to ensure payment. Usually four and / or ten.

- Change Color: when changing chips to a greater or smaller amount.

- Chips: in lieu of money being used to play, tokens are used and they are called chips.

- Come Bet: a bet that the roll of the dice will result in a pass but made only after the comeout roll.

- Come Box: area for placing come bets on the craps table.

- Come-Out Roll: the initial roll to determine the point value for the bettors on the don't pass and pass line.

- Craps: the term used for the # 2, 3 & 12.

- Crap Out: - used to describe the rolling of a 2 or a 3 or a 12 on the initial come-out roll.

- Crew: The 2 dealers, the boxman and the stickman comprising the staff at the craps table.

- Dealer: the person dealing with the bets and payments.

- Dice: cubes with sides numbered from 1 through 6 which when thrown allows players and casino to ascertain who are the winners and losers.

- Disk or Puck: A 2 sided circular object, black on one side and white the other. When a come-out roll of the dice has taken place this object is placed in a place number box showing its white side. This means a point has occured.

- Don't Come Bet: the placing of a bet after the initial come-out roll of the dice and placed against.

- Don't Pass Bet: the placing of a bet before the initial come-out roll such that before a point can be repeated a 7 will roll.

- Don't Pass Line: Don't Pass wagers are placed in this designated area of the craps table layout.

- Double Odds Bet
: when you double your initial bet on the line bets. These are the come, don't come, pass & don't pass bets.

- Easy Way: no pair rolls of the dice for totals of four, six, eight or ten.

- Edge: the casinos advantage over its players bets.

- Even Money: payouts of 1:1

- Field Bet: making of a 1 roll bet such that the next # will be a 2, a 3, a 4, a 9, a 10, an 11 or a 12.

- Floorman: the person approving credit facilities for the players, checking up on them and who usually stands immediately behind the table.

- Free Odds Bet: a bet made after establishing the point and made besides the line bets of come, don't come, don't pass and pass. It is also any odds bets made where there is no further advantge going to the house.

- Front Line: also known as the Pass Line.

- Hardway Bet: A bet that a four, six, eight or ten will roll as a pair before a 7 is rolled or the same numbers being rolled easy or as pairs.

- Horn Bet: A 1-roll bet which combines the two, three, eleven & the twelve.

- House Edge: the casinos advantage over players at the craps table.

- Lay the Odds: odds betting against numbers which pays out less than 1:1

- Lay Wager: when you pay a 5% commission in order to bet against a thrown point number.

- Layout: the carpet on the craps table where the various bets positions are marked off.

- Off: means that specific bets on the next dice roll will not be put at risk or will not be working.

- On Base: all dealers except the stickman are called by this.

- One-Roll Bets: bets where the winners and losers are determined on the very next dice roll.

- Parlay: the increasing of a bet such as by doubling similar to Press.

- Pass: when the right bettors wins.

- Pass Line Bet: bets made before the come-out roll of the dice that the dice will win or pass.

- Payoff: a player winning and collecting his or her money from the casino who pays it.

- Place Numbers and Bets: The numbers four, five, six, eight, nine & 10 are the place numbers. A place bet is a bet that either one or more of these numbers will be rolled before a 7.

- Point: The # 4, or 5, or 6, or 8, or 9 or 10 determined from the initial come-out roll.

- Press: the increasing of a bet such as by doubling similar to Parlay.

- Proposition Bet: a bet placed in the middle of the table layout.

- Quarters: $25 chips.

- Right Better: person betting the dice roll will win or pass.

- Seven Out: throwing a seven after establishing the point thus effectively causing the roll to end and losing.

- Shooter: the dice roller

- Stickman: person calling the game and handling the stick.

- Working: when the bets are at risk for the next dice roll.

- Wrong Bettor
: person betting against the roll of the dice.

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