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Craps Strategies - Learn New Tricks

 Craps Tips & Strategies
  Do You Know the Craps Game Rules ?
  Craps is a game of chance. The possiblilty is that you can win as well as lose...
  Craps Strategies - Learn New Tricks
  Always bet on those bets which the house has the smallest edge on you the player. These bets are pass, come, don't pass...
  Craps Tips for Passionate Players
  It is always a smart idea to watch how the bets are placed and learn a little bit about how the layout of the table is set up...
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Here is a set of very useful and effective craps strategies:

1. Always bet on those bets which the house has the smallest edge on you the player. These bets are pass, come, don't pass and don't come.

Pass Bet - 1.41% House Edge
Don't Pass - 1.40% House Edge
Big 6 & Big 8 - 9.1%
Field Bet - 5.6%
Craps 2 - 13.9%
Craps 12 - 13.9%
Horn - 12.5%
Any 7 - 167.7%

Clearly your best bet to win consistently are the Line Bets. They have the best percentages and should be at the core of your strategy.

It is worth noting that the "come" and "don't come" bets carry the exact same odds as the "pass'and "don't pass' bets, however they are best played when you get the timing right.

2. Let's look at how you can better your % on these line bets even better than the 1.4%.

The way to do this by buying and laying odds. For instance if you bet "don't pass" or "wrong" you lay the odds. If you bet on "pass" or "right" you buy the odds.

By this we mean you place these odds bets besides your first bet after the initial roll. The reason this bet betters your % is because the house does not take any edge on these odds bets and so it's just the plain straight dice you are up against.

The question is how do you actually make an odds bet considering the felt is not marked with these bets and so you will have no idea where to place these hiden bets.

To recap, remember the odds bet are in addition to your initial bet after the come out roll. Therefore all you need to do is place this bet right besides your first bet on the pass and don't pass line. It is to be noted however whilst online casino sites allow you to double these bets the land based casinos do not.

Hence when you double your bets with online casinos you are actually decreasing the house's edge to as low as 0.6%. WOW! This is a must play for all you smart players!

In conclusion the smartest move you can make is to buy as big odds bet as you are allowed. The bigger this bet the smaller the house edge.


Below are examples of how much you will win if you decide to buy odds when playing "right". The amount of your win will be dependent upon the point. Remember buying odds is betting in addition to your initial bet. So if initial bet is $5 and you buy double odds then your bet is $10 more.
Buying Double Odds ($10)
Payout Pays (Win)
4 or 10
2-1 $30 ($20)
5 or 9 3-2 $25 ($15)
6 or 8 6-5 $22 ($12)
The above table does not represent your total win but just the win from the odds bet of $10. So for instance if the point is 10 after the come out roll of the dice then you win 2:1 on the odds bet which is $20. This is besides the $5 win from your $5 right bet. On a 10 point roll therefore your total win will be $40.


In this case you are betting in addition to your initial "don't pass" bet. If your wrong bet is $5 then you lay a double odds bet of $10.
Laying Double Odds ($10)
Payout Pays (Win)
4 or 10
2-1 $15 ($5)
5 or 9 3-2 $16 ($6)
6 or 8 6-5 $18 ($8)
Your total winnings will then be $25 representing the $5 win from your double odds bet of $10 plus the $5 win fron your initial $5 wrong bet.

However you must be aware of this trick blow to ensure you don't give the casino any more of an edge than it already has. You see almost all casinos whether online or land based do not pay in amounts less than $1.

So in instances where your winnings fall in the 2nd and 3rd categories in the table with 2:3 and 5:6 odds you will be losing the dollar fractions when you win because they do not pay it. Therefore you should always bet in amounts that are divisible by both 6 and 3.

Example make your initial bet $6 and then your double odds bet will be $12 which is divisible by both 3 and 6 thus ensuring you get your full winnings.
Laying Double Odds ($12)
Payout Pays (Win)
4 or 10
2-1 $18 ($6)
5 or 9 3-2 $20 ($8)
6 or 8 6-5 $22 ($10)
Of course the same holds true when you decide to buy odds. Always bet amounts that are divisble by 5. This way for the 2nd and 3rd categories shown below your full winnings will again be paid to you.
Buying Double Odds ($10)
Payout Pays (Win)
4 or 10
2-1 $30 ($20)
5 or 9 3-2 $25 ($15)
6 or 8 6-5 $22 ($12)
More Craps Strategies

3. Another supposed sure craps strategy of winning is the Martingale system. In this, the player places a dollar bet and then doubles every successive bet until he wins his original amount and again starts betting at one dollar.

The problem with this system is that one ends up losing far more money than the original bet, so it is not worth wasting time and effort on applying this system to craps. It works for some people and it doesn’t work for others. But most importantly it doesn’t work all the time. Again, a lot is dependent of Lady Luck.

4. Here is another system very similar to the Martingale system but this one is a bit more conservative and will not turn into a disaster if your luck is crap ( no pun intended! ). Let's face it "no risk, no gain" right?

In order to win big you gotta bet big, just don't bet your own money, bet the casinos money. To do this start of small just betting the minimum bet and when you win then you use your winnings to bet. What you would do is first bet the minimum unit amount, when you win bet 2 unit amounts.

When you win again then bet 3 unit amounts. On your 3rd win then bet 5 unit amounts. From then onwards keep betting 5 units until you lose then go back to the table minimum. In this way you are protecting your own bank and prolonging your game and the fun whilst risking only the casinos money.

5. Another system is that of parity hedge. It is an improbable incidence. Many online casinos continue to fool players into this strategy by packaging it attractively. Some ‘experts’ feel that players can manipulate the dice so that specific numbers will appear.

6. Learn dice throwing skills. Players should remember that there is such winning technique for craps, and it is just a sham to make money. Hence, players must concentrate on the finer aspects of the game and practice harder to ensure better wins and not fall for any gimmicks that promise to teach winning craps systems.

7. If you find yourself at either a cold or choppy table, this is a good craps system to use. It is called the $22 inside regression. With this system you will bet $5 on both the 5 and 9 as well as $6 on both the 6 and 8.

This will give you a total of $22. First take down the first two hits. With the next two hits, make two don't come bets. Keep these bets going until you lose.

8. The next craps system is called the Reno reach. This craps system is a variation of another system known as the 7 method. You begin this craps system by making a $6 bet on 6 and 8 and maintain this level of betting until one wins.

Then take it down and bide your time until the roll ends. For the next point make a $12 bet on whichever number hit and a $6 bet on the other number. Every time you win, repeat this process. If you don't win then don't increase your bets.
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