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Black Jack Winning Strategies

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Basic Blackjack Strategy

No other casino game in the history of gambling have had experts and mathematical geniuses dissect the game as much as Blackjack in search of a basic balckjack strategy.

Suffice it to say they were successfull! There is actually a blackjack strategy you can follow which will allow you to play against the house on even footing, telling you when to stand and when to draw.

Of course this strategy came with a price in that it has formed the backbone of most card counting strategies used by professional blackjack players in their bid to beat the house.

Find Below this strategy as it applies to the online blackjack game. Do note as a long term strategy this wont allow you to beat the house but in the short term it does enhance your odds considerably.

NOTE: H=Hit, S=Stand, D=Double down, SP=Split

Whenever you have a pair of aces in the first two cards, according to basic strategy, you should always split the pair.

This allows you the opportunity to obtain a blackjack on one or both of the Aces. According to basic strategy, you will always split the aces no matter what the up card is.

Splitting aces usually has a player locked into one more hit on each card. In other words, once you split aces, each ace will catch one more card each putting the player at a very big disadvantage.

However, some casino rules will allow the players to split aces and then take a hit after the split. This is also true of online casino games. What you should always do is double check the rules for the game before you play.

Don’t “always split” aces if you are not able to take another hit on the cards after the split. Do not stand on a hard 12, even if the dealer has a face card showing. This will often cause you to lose to the dealer when they hit 16 or less. Some people believe that you should stand in this position, but statically, it is not a good bet.

Another Useful Blackjack Strategy

Doubling Down For Profit:

If any casino offers you the opportunity to double down on any 2 cards ( DOA) then be sure to grab the opportunity when it arises. It's one of the best rules in favor of the player reducing the house edge considerably. When you do not take advantage of doubling down you are playing into the casinos edge.

Some casinos will only allow you to double down when you have a 10 or 11 total. Even then you should make use of this advantage when it presents itself. Some even offer DAS - double after splitting.

How it works: after receiving your first 2 cards you are given the chance to double your bets and to receive 1 more card. You will do this in a number of situations such as:

- you total 10 versus dealer showing a 9
- you total 11 versus dealer showing a 10
- you total anything versus dealer showing a 2 to 6.

In all these situations the dealer is at his weakest and you at your strongest. In more times than not you will come out winning.

Naturally when you are new at this game you may be a bit reluctant to double your bet, not wanting to lose so much bu that would be the wrong approach. It's all about odds and this is your chance to swing it in your favor.

Use this strategy and start winning NOW! Play at our #1 Recommended Casino 888

More Blackjack Strategies

Card Steering:

For this strategy to be successful it requires a team of skilled blackjack players working together and a careless dealer. This is how it works. The team takes over a single blackjack table.

The first player cut around 25 cards from the back of the deck each hand. The rest of the players note what the last card was. The players can now play their hands already knowing who will get that 25th card and what that card is. This technique can give you as much as a 50% edge.

Card Sequencing:

The player will memorize a key card that appears right before an ace is dealt. Then, during the next hand the player will hold out until they see that key card being dealt because they know that the ace will be close behind.

The good card sequencers will memorize up to four key cards in a blackjack hand in order to increase their odds of getting an ace.

Playing Like The Dealer:

If you are playing in a game where the dealer stands on a soft seventeen, then you would need to stand on a soft seventeen. If the dealer hits a soft 17, then that is exactly how you should play as well.

In order to be successful with this strategy then you need to play the game exactly the way the dealer plays the game. You will find this is the easiest way to play blackjack and you will also find the most amount of success with this blackjack strategy.

The one variation to this game is on the subject of doubling down and splitting. The players who play this game according to the way it is intended never split or double anything but there are players who find it too tempting to avoid a good double down.

If you are going to play like the dealer, remember the dealer never has the option to double down or split on anything. However, the opportunity that players normally jump on is the splitting of aces and doubling down on an eleven.

If you are playing this strategy and you want to vary your play then these two examples would be the only exceptions to the play strategy to consider. Every other splitting or double down opportunity should be avoided.

Card counting Strategies:

This strategy will not work with online casinos blackjack but only with land based balckjack. Use the basic blackjack strategy for online blackjack. You will understand why below.

Card counting strategy is based on the fact that each deck of card changes as the game progresses meaning that cards get discarded. Card counters will allocate a number say +1 to all face cards and -1 to all other cards. When there are more face cards in a deck the odds are more in favor of the player.

Hence by keeping a count as the hands are dealt a player will know when there is a higher ratio of face cards left in the deck. When this is the case the player increases the size of his bet.

When the ratio is lower the he reduces his bet thus always swinging the odds in his favor. The count also helps the player in knowing when to stand, split, double or hit.

With online casinos the deck is shuffled by the computer after each round so no opportunity for counting arises.

But nevertheless, the system is a pretty piece of knowledge that any blackjack player will want to know.

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